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The Acme Noralie coffee table is an extremely quirky, yet stylish table that you can place in the middle of your living room to wow guests. The best thing about this coffee table is that it is mirrored, which means that it oozes contemporary and artistic with minimal space, and maximum efficiency. It is a big jump from what you may usually use, but once you have tried it, you’ll likely never go back!

It is so minimalistic, yet powerful and dominant in any area you place it in. It’s just a coffee table, but it’s so much more. It’s practically an art piece you display in your home, so let’s check out what makes this table worth your time and money.

Key Features

Unique design

The shape of the Acme Noralie coffee table resembles that of a cut-off tetrahedron. So basically an upside-down pyramid shape. It also creates a more interesting design that you are not used to, which makes it so special.

Crystal sides

On 4 sides, there are crystal-like materials, which are great for showing off and look absolutely stunning when they catch the light in your room. It is also mirrored, so reflects your surroundings, making it fit in more aptly.

Bevelled edges

The clear-cut corners and slanted edges transform this coffee table from ordinary to extraordinary. It allows the table to have a futuristic retro design without being too complicated.


It is a coffee table after all. Use it to your advantage by placing household objects on top so that you don’t lose them. Add decorations on to make it look even prettier, or leave it as it is for a more minimalist look.



The Acme Noralie coffee table is made from acrylic, which is perfect for pulling off this type of design. Acrylic plastic is stronger than glass, and more durable. This already outperforms any glass tables you may have, as it has the reflective, clean qualities of glass without as much fragility. It is also very easy to clean, which, as we all know, is important for a coffee table!

The coffee table is relatively small, and doesn't take up much space at all, so you can place it wherever you want. It could go in your living room, dining room, bedroom or wherever you please. Just pick it up and off you go! No complicated assembly required. The compact nature also allows for easy redecoration of your room when you need it, so it is a useful piece of furniture to have.


38” x 38” x 19”

Color Choice

This coffee table comes exclusively in silver, which helps to create that stunning modern look. The shiny, bright color helps to reflect light from all around, so that your room isn’t dark and moody. It jazzes up your living space without you having to put in any effort, and will make your room look so much more classy.


Perfect for Everyone

The table can be used by literally anyone. Families, students, children, you name it. It can appeal to everyone, meaning you won’t have trouble deciding whether or not to put it in your home. It will work regardless of age or gender, as the design is so simple and straightforward. Children will love it because of its shiny, sparkly nature. Adults will love it, as it will make them look like they are good at interior designing!

The Perfect Coffee Table

Firstly, the Acme Noralie coffee table can be used as what the name says: a coffee table. Place objects of use on top and use it practically for a stylish way of keeping your books, coffee, glasses, TV remotes etc. The larger surface area on top allows for quite a few things to be placed, but the inward slanting lower part makes sure that you don’t bang your legs on the table while using it!

Great Showpiece for Living Room

The coffee table can also be used as a showpiece. It looks fantastic, so you can place any sort of decorations or miscellaneous items on it. The simplicity of the design allows you to customize it at will, so you can place things like tablecloths and mats. However, it is preferred that you leave the top uncovered, as that is the whole point of the beautiful mirrored design. You can place plant pots or ceramics on the table if you are a creative person like that. However, as always, the choice is up to you.

Comfortable Footrest

Lastly, the table can be used as a very good-looking footrest. Prop your feet up after a long day while you watch some television, and let the table take your burdens from you. If any marks are left, just wipe them away, as the acrylic is very easy to clean. Place a cushion on top for extra comfort, and you are good to go.

Where to Buy?

The beautiful Acme Noralie coffee table can be bought from Amazon, with good reviews and reliable delivery, it is the way to go to get this type of furniture. Sometimes, you cannot get stuff like this from normal, everyday supermarkets, so make sure you take this opportunity by clicking the link below.

Acme Noralie Coffee Table
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As you can see, the Acme Noralie coffee table is a wonderful way of keeping your interior fresh and vibrant. Adding interesting bits and bobs like this coffee table to your room will spice things up and keep you happy when coming back to your beautiful home. It is multi-functional, practical, elegant and just a perfect table for this type of futuristic design. So make sure you check it out and try it for yourself.