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The Belafonte coffee table is a really clean, aesthetic piece of furniture that will look perfect in the middle of your living room. The super glossy finish and simplistic design will add a touch of class to any area, and will sure to be a guest-pleaser! The additional smoked glass panels and useful features will make this a part of your home in no time, adding value to your room.

This oak wood table looks neat and trim, so there is no chance that it will clutter your living space. Assembly is required, but it is extremely simple, so there is no need to worry about that. Overall, like many Furniture Bargains products, it will fit flawlessly into your home with no added hassle or stress. So let’s take a look at all the features and uses that this table can offer you.

Key Features

Aesthetic Design

The Belafonte coffee table has a solid oak wood top and clear gloss finish that looks beautiful and sleek. It can be placed anywhere you want and will still look great.


The oak veneer base provides additional storage space, as well as the glass top of course. You can place anything from TV remotes to your favorite books on it. The rounded glass edges create a safer environment, which is especially helpful with kids.

Easy fitting

Because the dimensions are so small for this type of coffee table, it is easy to implement in most spaces. Not only is it efficient in terms of size, but it is also lightweight, weighing only 38lbs. This means you can carry it around and place it wherever you want without any trouble.


This coffee table can be used for different things, such as a coffee table, alternative mantelpiece, workstation and many other things. It is completely up to you what you use it for, and just because it is called a coffee table doesn’t mean you have to use it as one!



The base is made from oak veneer, which reduces the chance of cracks and splits appearing. It is also eco-friendly, as during the manufacturing process, waste is minimised and efficiency is increased. Also, because veneer is so thin, it can produce designs that are otherwise not able to be made with ordinary wood. This allows the design of the Belafonte coffee table to be so unique and interesting.

In addition to the beautiful wood, there are 2 tiers of smoked glass which create a downwards step towards the oak wood. The glass complements the solid color of the black oak wood, and is easy to clean. Overall, this allows the coffee table to be low-maintenance while remaining a high-quality piece of furniture that can be used for ages.


The black oak veneer creates a lasting impression and a strong presence within the room. Contrast this with the subtler look of the smoked glass panels and you get a contemporary piece of art, as well as a coffee table! The simple colors allow the Belafonte coffee table to fit right in your living space, no matter what it looks like.


Overall: 15” x 47” x 24” (H x L x W)


Perfect for the Living Room

The Belafonte coffee table can be used as a general purpose table fit for your living room. It can be used by families to create modern accents and a clean look. It can also be used by anyone living by themselves, such as college students, to show off a bit and to tidy up their living space. The rounded glass edges make it safe for kids, so there is no need for excessive child-proofing!

Use the extra storage space provided to place TV remotes, books, glasses and many more items to make life easier. The glass makes it easy to see items and is easy to clean, so you will always have a beautifully glossy look. The sturdy base will allow you to place many things on it, and organize your items to make your table look picture perfect!

A Great Show-Piece

Alternatively, you can use this table as a show piece to place all of your ornaments or decorations. The smoked glass makes it look aesthetic and the dark oak veneer will act as a solid base to show off any bits and bobs you have. The Belafonte coffee table really is multi-purpose and fit for many occasions thanks to the simple design.

Because the design is so uncomplicated, you can add accessories or additional tablecloths to decorate. The choice is really up to you. However, leaving it as it is works just as well, and will add a contemporary feel to go with all your decor, so make sure to implement it into your living room or any other important room where guests will likely see it.

Where to Buy

This beautiful coffee table can be bought from Amazon, where you will easily find other products from Belafonte and genuine reviews on them. Click the link below to purchase the coffee table.

Belafonte Coffee Table
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Adding this beauty to your home will definitely improve your space, and it can only offer you benefits. Your living room will have an edge over others due to the simple design of the Belafonte coffee table, which looks uncluttered and modern. If you are thinking about redecorating, then absolutely make sure to purchase this piece of furniture, as it will enhance your home decor and take it to the next level.