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The Christopher Knight scroll arm loveseat is a luxurious, antique sofa that adds a playful and intimate feel to your room. It includes many traditional features that make it especially useful for enhancing any bland, uninviting home decor that you may currently have. It will quickly become your favorite piece of furniture, especially if living with a spouse or children, due to the intimacy that it provides.

However, if you are afraid that it may look too showy, or it won’t fit into your current room style, then panic no more. This loveseat has a design that is all-inclusive, so you can fit it into your room with ease. Also, the touch of modern with the velvet and rivet studs will accentuate your room’s decor and make it stand out. So fear not and keep an open-mind as we get right into all of the features and benefits that this scroll arm loveseat can provide.

Key Features

Antique look

This scroll arm loveseat is a classy relic, with classically tufted velvet upholstery. The elegant scroll arms add a touch of charm, while the rivet studs bring it to life. The stark contrast makes this a go-to for your home and will give it a fresh look.


The velvet makes this sofa extra comfy, and comfort is always the priority when snuggling with a loved one! The curvaceous nature of the loveseat also makes this great for sitting in various positions, as well as lying down if you wish.

Quality construction

High quality materials, and refined details make this a go-to as a classic loveseat. It’s versatile, great value, and generally solidly built, with durability that will last a lifetime, so you can treasure this loveseat for ages.


Because of its small frame and generally aesthetic style, it can fit into many rooms of your choice, so you will have no trouble implementing this sofa into your own home.



As mentioned before, the velvet upholstery adds a special kind of comfort to this scroll arm loveseat, making it unique to you. Velvet is also very durable and made to last a long time, resisting wear and tear. It is also a very versatile material, meaning that it will easily fit right into your room, drawing all kinds of good attention!

Velvet is also extremely easy to maintain, as long as you wipe it down every so often. You can simply use a brush to clean it, making this a lifelong companion. The legs have a birch leg finish, making the loveseat even sturdier. There’s also a pretty good weight limit for two people, so you can effortlessly relax.


  • Sofa: 30.5” x 51.5” x 30.75”
  • Seat: 22” x 37.25” x 17.5”

Color Choices

This loveseat comes in only one color: gray/dark brown. However, this is a perfect color, as it is neutral and gives a presence to your room without being too flashy and superficial. It also helps to achieve the antique look that makes this scroll arm loveseat so unique.


Dramatic Showpiece

Whether living alone or with someone, this sofa can always benefit, as it emanates class and sophistication. Have a messy apartment? Maybe you want to jazz up your space? Well, this is for exactly that purpose. Place it in a prominent area of your room and it will create a stunning presence as if by magic.

The color choice is also perfect for creating bold statements in your home. Make an impact by not just placing it in your living room, but any other lacking rooms as well, such as a spare guest room, or maybe even a bedroom. Create the best version of your living space with this loveseat.

Cuddling Spot

If living with a loved one, this can be a designated cuddle area. Sitting together can increase affection and intimacy, which is the whole point of a loveseat sofa. So take advantage of the smaller frame to relax and sit with those closest to you and appreciate the small moments in life. You will find that this sofa is perfect for this.

Better Use of Space

If you have a problem with your small, awkwardly cramped rooms, then use this as a suitable decoration and space-filler. Sprucing up your minuscule spaces is a breeze with this loveseat sofa, as it comes in a small package itself. You can even add an ottoman with enough space, really making it practical for you.

Outdoor Use

You don’t have to limit yourself to simply being indoors. You can take this scroll arm loveseat outside if you wish, and it can offer you ultimate comfort and relaxation while you bathe in the sun. You can also make it part of your patio decor, where it can make your outdoor space classy as well.

Where to Buy?

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Christopher Knight Scroll Arm Loveseat
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Overall, it is a pretty justified statement that this loveseat is versatile, glamorous, practical and intimate. Make it a part of your home and see where it can take you. An affordable and luxurious alternative to full-length sofas, it is a great investment, and it would be worth your while to check it out.