The Cordelle Swivel Chair is part of the chairs and chaises range made by esteemed furniture manufacturer, Cordelle. The Cordelle Swivel Chair offers designer looks, feel, comfort and quality without the hefty price tag that we associate with even one of these qualities. The Cordelle Swivel Chair is the perfect addition to any living space and carry on reading to find out why that is!


Wooden Frame

The Cordelle Swivel Chair is manufactured in a comfortable, durable microfiber material that is housed on an engineered wood frame. The use of an engineered wood frame is admirable as it provides superior resilience and durability for the price that the Cordelle Swivel Chair is available at. The engineered wood frame and solid wood corner blocks ensure stability and ensures that the Cordelle Swivel Chair can stand the test of time against even rigorous use.

Accent Pillows

The Cordelle Swivel Chair comes with three accent pillows includes (yes, free things!) that are designed to specifically with the swivel chair in mind. These cushions are reversible and overstuffed which makes them perfect for practical use as well – the overstuffed aspect of the pillow will make sure that the Cordelle Swivel Chair has an expensive look, but the reversible feature means that you can change the cover of the cushions to the design you prefer.

The no-sag spring seating offers generous support and comfort and gives the user peace of mind knowing that the ‘look’ of their new Cordelle Swivel Chair will not be ruined after a few weeks of use.

Deep Seat

The Cordelle Swivel Chair also comes with a deep seat to accommodate those who have been blessed with a larger size and is spacious enough for one person to comfortably lounge on the chair.


The Cordelle Swivel Chair (as the name so very kindly suggests!) is made to swivel – this makes it perfect if you do not want to get up and want to grab something that may be behind or to the side of you.

Perfect for Families

The Cordelle Swivel Chair is also perfect for use in the rooms of kids – the swivel feature will provide endless fun for kids who do not want to sit on boring, ordinary chairs.

Furthermore, the Cordelle Swivel Chair can also be used in homes with an open floor plan, where there are sightlines from the kitchen to the main living room (or wherever you decide to place the Cordelle Swivel Chair)  - it is particularly useful in this setting because it allows you to focus on what is happening in the living room for most of your time, and if you need to see what is happening in the kitchen, all you have to do is swivel around and take a peek (this can be applied to anywhere!).

Another great use of the Cordelle Swivel Chair is for parents who have a lot of kids that like to roam free; you could have one kid in the living room, another in the kitchen, a third in the dining room and another in the garden. The swivel feature on the Cordelle Swivel Chair allows you to just turn around and swivel and have a look that your children are not tearing the place up.

Perfect for Open Floor Planned Houses

The Cordelle Swivel Chair is also great for social settings or interactions – you can swivel to devote your full attention to one person or the other, making it useful in an office or home space. Furthermore, this is better for your body as you no longer have to crane your neck to join a conversation.

I would personally recommend using the Cordelle Swivel Chair in houses which have an open floor plan as the swivel chair will be able to offer a view of everything that is happening in the house with a simple push.


The Cordelle Swivel Chair is made out of a microfiber material that is extremely durable and long lasting yet is astoundingly comfortable as well. Microfiber is a blend of polyester and nylon (which is a polyamide!) that is renowned in the furniture industry for the supreme comfort and resilience it provides.

The brand recommends spot cleaning the Cordelle Swivel Chair using a mild water-free solvent or dry-cleaning product. Clean only in a well-ventilated room and avoid any product containing Carbon Tetrachloride and other toxic materials. (Petroleum distillate-based products like Energine, Carbona or Renuzit may be used.)

Use of water- or detergent-based solvent cleaners may cause excessive shrinking and water stains. These can become permanent and impossible to remove even with solvent cleaning agents.


The Cordelle Swivel Chair comes in three colors that are sure to brighten up and complement any living space.

The Cordelle Swivel Chair comes in a blue finish – ideal for complementing blue furniture or to act as a feature piece (stands out from the rest of the color scheme of the room to pop out and add contrast).

The swivel chair also comes in a chocolate color (envision a nice bar of dairy milk and that’s the color) that I would recommend using as a complementary piece rather than a standout accent chair. This is because the chocolate doesn’t really stand out and grab your attention, but its subtle beauty makes it perfect to complement brown furniture or brown-themed rooms (if such a thing exists!).

The final color available is a light gray that can work as a complementary or feature (standout) piece, but I think that the gray Cordelle Swivel Chair would look best in an office setting; the gray is toned down so it doesn’t look obnoxious but is subtly beautiful, so it catches those who have an eye for detail or refined taste.


The depth of the Cordelle Swivel Chair is 58 inches and so is the width. The height of the chair is 38 inches which means that it is at the optimal height for you to climb in and out of.

Where to Buy

The Cordelle Swivel Chair is available at with their 5 year worry-free protection plan. With their online chat system, the process is simple and by using the link below, you will be supporting this website at no cost to yourself.

Cordelle Swivel Chair
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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Cordelle Swivel Chair has the potential to be a wonderful addition to any room. The swivel feature makes it useful in a living or office space and allows you to easily join into any conversations. Overall, I would really recommend the Cordelle Swivel Chair to anyone looking for a chair!