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The DHP Emily Chaise Lounger is the perfect addition to any room around your house – its comfort and versatility make it the ideal for use anywhere. With a wide variety of colors and materials to choose from (ranging from a quirky pink velvet to a refined black faux leather), the Emily Chaise Lounger will be just the thing to add a bit of life into drab rooms.


Click-Clack Technology - Enables Convertibility

The versatility of the Emily Chaise Lounger lies in the innovative Click-Clack technology (yes, I know it doesn’t sound very innovative!) that allows you to convert the lounger into a sleeper in a matter of seconds – this makes the Emily Chaise Lounger the perfect choice for houses which are lacking space for another bed.

Perfect for Large Groups

Furthermore, the conversion of the lounger into a sleeper means that you can easily accommodate more guests in your house when you don’t want them sleeping in your bedroom! The Emily Chaise Lounger is spacious enough to lounge comfortably alone and can be paired with other products from the DHP range if you require more space.

Wooden Frame

The sturdy wood frame that serves as the backbone for the Emily Chaise Lounger is built to last, meaning you will have a product that lasts years. The foam that acts as the ‘mattress’ for the Emily Chaise Lounger is also built to last years – this has some ramifications as the foam is quite rigid but still comfortable enough for you to spend hours and hours on.


The Emily Chaise Lounger sits at 61.5” (or 156.2cm) length and 30.5” (or 77.5cm) width when in chaise form, and stretches to 70.5” (or 179cm) length and 30.5” (or 77.5cm) width when in bed form – this makes the lounger perfect for use in small spaces like one bedroom apartments.


The Emily Chaise Lounger comes with a handy guide and step by step instructions, which means that it can be assembled by anyone (even if you have no experience whatsoever!) – this means that you won’t have to fork out your hard earned cash to assemble the Emily Chaise Lounger, which only adds to its appeal.

The Emily Chaise Lounger also comes with all the tools needed in its assembly, meaning that you won’t have to waste time looking or buying new tools. All you have to do is screw on the chrome legs meaning that you won’t spend hours trying to assemble the lounger. It also ships in one box meaning that you won’t have to sit at home for multiple packages to arrive as you are assembling your new Lounger.  


DHP offers a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty that will repair or replace any defective parts.

Here's a link to the official warranty:

Where to buy

The lounger can be found on both Walmart and Amazon. We'd recommend purchasing through Amazon due to their expert customer support and speedy delivery times.

DHP Emily Chaise Lounger - Front View
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Ending thoughts

Overall, I think that the Emily Chaise Lounger is perfect for those who have small apartments and are looking for décor that will bring life to their living space.

It is a contemporary option that is available at a great price with a tough, durable build. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a lounger or bed on a budget!