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The Hans&Alice LED full length mirror is a beautiful piece of decor that you can place anywhere in your home to enhance not only the lighting but the aesthetic of your room as well. The crisp, clean edges paired with the heavenly white light makes for a beautiful wall piece to show off anywhere. It comes with a touch screen button that you can press to immediately light up the mirror.

Ordinary, cheap mirrors can be bland and boring at the best of times. But with this mirror integrated with LED lights, you will effortlessly make your room look special, and your whole living space will glow. And the best part is that it is very affordable! So let’s take a closer look at all the fantastic features and uses of this mirror.

Key Features

Full-sized mirror

The Hans&Alice LED mirror is large enough to fit your whole frame, so you don’t have to adjust it or fiddle around with the angles and positioning. Simply place it near the floor of your room and you have a functional mirror.


You can hang this mirror up anywhere you wish using the assembly parts included in the packaging. This makes for easy movement and rearrangement.

Aesthetic design

The LED lights used for this mirror create a soothing effect in your room, and you can place this anywhere, as the design is so versatile. The clean cut edges and smooth surface make this a go-to for any occasion.

Touch system

The Hans&Alice mirror comes with a touch system where you simply touch a button on the screen, and the LED lights switch on. This helps to conserve energy and not waste electricity, so that you can use the mirror for longer.



The mirror is made from glass, which is easy to clean and polished to perfection. You have to be careful with it during delivery and assembly, but it is otherwise very durable and long-lasting. It provides a clean, smooth surface for you to look upon and gives a contemporary look to your room.


  • 65” x 22”
  • 25mm away from wall


There are many uses for the Hans&Alice full length mirror, especially with the simple design and beautiful LED lights. Place it in any room to enhance it and make your home livelier and fresher. You can place it in different rooms for different purposes, or use it for a separate purpose altogether. The choice is really up to you.

Perfect in the Bedroom and Bathroom

Firstly, you can place it in your bedroom as a general-purpose full-length mirror. The LED lights are especially useful when it is dark and you want a clearer view. It also just works as a kind of lamp when you need, providing a bit of light for you to find your way in. Before going to sleep, switch the mirror’s lights on and get comfortable when lying in bed.

You can also use it in the bathroom to create an enhanced effect, especially if your bathroom is already white, making it lighter and cleaner. Because it is so simple to clean, you don’t have to worry about getting water or steam on it, as it will disappear just as quickly as it came. Admire yourself in the bathroom with the full-length mirror, and perform your daily activities in style.

Adds style to your room

Funnily enough, you don’t even have to use the mirror, although it is hard not to when it is as beautiful as this. Create a focal point in your living room or hallway with the mirror, and add some style without adding effort with the easy application of LED lights in the Hans&Alice full-length mirror.

Customize it by adding other decor around it to create a separate chosen effect. For example, hang something next to the mirror to emphasize that object and allow both to become the focal points of the room. It is very easy to implement, and you will get a lot out of it.

Maximize lighting

Because of the reflective properties of the mirror combined with the lights, you can easily liven up a room. If there is not enough light reaching a particular area of your room, then this can solve your problem effectively as well, which is especially helpful for those unnatural-looking, dimly lit rooms.

It creates a beautiful mood setting when all the other lights are switched off or dimly lit. For example, use the mirror when watching a movie with the family, or use it when you want to feel more relaxed overall. The LED lights are hidden behind the mirror, and seamlessly integrated, so there is no worry of harsh light piercing your eyes.

Where to Buy

The luxuriously designed Hans&Alice full length mirror can be bought from the trusted online platform Amazon, as it is easy to choose your delivery and item options. You can pick different lengths for this same mirror simply by choosing one of the options. Click the link below to purchase one for yourself.

Hans&Alice LED Full Length Mirror
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The Hans&Alice LED full length mirror is a specimen of home decor. So simple, yet so effective when trying to create a clean aesthetic. If you’ve been looking around for sharp decor that fits any occasion, look no further. This mirror will spruce up your room in no time and will offer you multiple uses as discussed. And trust me, your guests will be pleasantly surprised with this new addition!