The Söderhamn Sofa by IKEA is part of the Söderhamn seating series, which is characterized by the deep, low seats which allow you to sink into the sofa and truly relax. All sections in the Söderhamn Sofa series can be used individually or can be paired with others from the series to put together the right combination per your desires.


Elastic Webbing - Perfect for Children

The Söderhamn Sofa by IKEA is made using materials which promote comfort through a light, airy design - the Söderhamn Sofa contains elastic webbing at the bottom of the sofa to help with just that but this is not something you will find in most sofas. So what does the elastic webbing do? The elastic webbing works in combination with the seat cushion to give a soft, slightly springy feeling – this adds a bit of bunce and pliability to the sofa which is ideal for comfort.

Furthermore, the bouncy nature of the Söderhamn Sofa by IKEA means that it is perfect for children who want to have a bit of fun on it, may it be by bouncing up and down on the sofa like it is a trampoline.

The elastic webbing is also perfect for those of us who are a bit older (old is gold!) and have trouble getting up – the elastic webbing and the spring seat cushions can act as an aid which give you a helping hand while you try to get up.

Large Seat Depth

To add more comfort to the sofa, IKEA have added a generous seat depth which allows for under thigh support which makes the Söderhamn Sofa a lot more comfortable for longer stints. The generous seat depth also allows for those blessed with a larger size to comfortably lounge and relax on the sofa.  

Detachable Back Cushions

The Söderhamn Sofa also comes with loose back cushions which can be moved and arranged per your desire to help with back support – this is useful as it allows you to set up your sofa as you wish.

Modules - Useful for Parties

The Söderhamn Sofa series consists of modules which can be broken down or built up as you like – this makes for endless combinations which can be made, meaning you are sure to find the sofa that is perfect for you. The use of modules in the Söderhamn Sofa range mean that you can also change the sofa whenever you like – you are never bound down to just one sofa.

This is especially useful for nights where you have extra guests which need to be seated; all you have to do is simply add a few extra modules and you’re ready to go and when they leave, you can put the modules back in the garage and put your sofa back to the way you like it. The use of modules also means that you can experiment with different color options – maybe you want to pair a light grey with a dark grey or turquoise with pink (the options are endless!)

IKEA also provides a planning tool which means you can set up the sofa just the way you like, and if it doesn’t work out, you can just take away or add a few modules.

Sustainable Materials

The Söderhamn Sofa range’s designer (Ola Wihlborg) also puts an emphasis on use of sustainable materials in the range; this means you can have peace of mind that while you are relaxing on your new sofa, it is not having an adverse impact on mother nature.

The cotton in the Söderhamn Sofa is grown with less water, less chemical fertilizers and less chemical pesticides, while increasing profit margins for the farmers. IKEA also aims to source all their products in responsible ways and wants to ensure that all the materials in their products are recycled or renewable by 2030.


The Söderhamn Sofa is made of a combination of plywood, fiberboard, steel and solid wood which is extremely durable and is sure to give you a sofa that will stand the test of time. Additionally, the cover for the sofa can be removed and machine washed which saves you laundry costs and also makes sure that your Söderhamn Sofa will always look pristine.

The cover for the sofa is made for 53% cotton and 47% polyester of which at least 90% is recycled. The main sofa of the Söderhamn Sofa range measures 78 inches wide (or 198 centimetres), 39 inches deep (or 99 centimetres) and you will be seated 15 inches (or 39 centimetres) off the floor.

This makes it perfect to seat at least three individuals comfortably, but if you require to seat more, you can add other modules from the Söderhamn Sofa range. Some of the modules you can add include an ottoman, a larger sectional sofa, a loveseat, a 1-seat section, a chaise and a corner section – this displays the wide range of options the Söderhamn Sofa range provides, and the endless combinations this range can provide.


The Söderhamn Sofa comes delivered in 6 packages which includes the main frame, the armrest frame, the cover for the sofa section, the cover for the armrest and other essentials that you will require during the assembly process.

IKEA products are well known for being hard to assemble so I would definitely recommend using the service provided by IKEA (TaskRabbit) to help with assembly. If you do decide to do it yourself, the Söderhamn Sofa will come equipped with a handful of important and useful guides and these are also available on the IKEA website.

Where to Buy

The Soderhamn Sofa is available at Ikea. With a smooth delivery process, you should check this sofa out.  By using the link below, you will help support the site at no extra cost to yourself.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, I would recommend the IKEA Söderhamn Sofa to anyone looking for a comfortable new sofa to help spice up their living space.

The IKEA Söderhamn Sofa comes in a range of different colors (including finnsta white, finnsta turquoise, samsta dark grey, samsta orange and viarp beige) and different sizes (using the modules) – I am sure that you will find the perfect fit according to your desires.