The IKEA Vimle sofa comes in the Vimle Range by IKEA – the elegant, flowing design of the sofa may make it seem similar to others from IKEA but the feel of the sofa is what sets it apart (more on that down below!). The Vimle range is all available on for a good price considering the modern design and durability of the sofas within this range.


Polyester Wadding

The comfort of the IKEA Vimle Sofa stems from the new polyester wadding that IKEA has embedded into the seat’s cushions – the wadding provides a soft, comfortable feel but is a bit firmer than your traditional sofa. The IKEA Vimle Sofa is definitely not a ‘jump in and sink’ kind of sofa, but it is definitely comfortable nevertheless.

The polyester wadding also promises to be more durable and resilient, meaning that IKEA has designed the Vimle Sofa to stand the test of time. The polyester wadding (or high resilience foam as it’s better known) provide excellent support that will mold to your body every time you sit on them.

High-Resilience Foam

This provides a unique experience and is extremely comfortable as the high resilience foam is able to adjust to the contours of your body – the foam within the IKEA Vimle Sofa is similar to the foam within the new memory foam mattresses that also adjusts to the shape of your body.

The high resilience foam then quickly regains its original shape when you get up from the sofa, meaning that the foam will never imprint the shape of your body on the sofa (this will keep your sofa always looking pristine and new!).

Resistant Material

IKEA Vimle Sofa’s cover has also been clinically and repeatedly tested to handle 50,000 cycles when resisting abrasion – to put this into perspective, 15,000 cycles or more is suitable for furniture used every day at home. The IKEA Vimle Sofa has been made to handle more than three times the cycles for a piece of furniture used every day.

The cover has a light-fastness rating of 5 (light-fastness means the ability to resist color fading) and sofa experts recommend that the light-fastness level of sofas used every day should be 4, so the IKEA Vimle Sofa passes with flying colors here too.


The IKEA Vimle Sofa is also modular – this means that you can break down or build up the sofa (by adding or removing sections) to find the perfect match for your living space. The sofa’s sections can be combined in different ways to get a size and shape that suits your home and your needs.

Perfect for Parties

This makes the IKEA Vimle Sofa perfect for those nights where you may need to seat a few extra heads (may it be family or friends) as you can always add a few sections to your existing sofa by simply locking them into place. When your guests leave, just unlock the sections you added, and you’ll have your original sofa back to just the way you like it.

You can create your perfect combination with the helpful IKEA planning tool that allows you to assemble, take apart and put together endless different combinations of the sofa.

I would definitely recommend buying the IKEA Vimle headrest if you decide to pull the trigger on the IKEA Vimle Sofa – it’s super easy to put in or take out and allows you to extend the backrest of the soft so that you can sit more comfortably as your neck has that extra bit of support (and it adds a more sophisticated, expensive look!).

Color Choices

The cover for the IKEA Vimle Sofa is made from dope-dyed GUNNARED fabric in polyester – this fabric is extremely durable and provides a more expensive, wool feel to this Ikea sofa.

All colors in the range have a warm look and two-toned melange effect (which basically means that fibers of a combed top are dyed and then mixed before spinning; normally, one-part dyed fiber and one-part undyed fiber are mixed which provides a two-tone, heathered effect.)

The IKEA Vimle Sofa comes in a range of different colors including gunnared beige, gunnared medium grey, hallarp beige, hallarp grey, saxemare black-blue (melange effect comes into play in this color and looks wonderful) and a saxemara light blue. The plethora of colors mean that you have endless possibilities with the IKEA Vimle Sofa; you can use it to add a pop of color into some drab rooms or it can play right in with the color scheme of whichever room you decide to put it in.

I’d personally recommend the saxemara light blue for rooms in which you get a lot of sun (like a conservatory or sun room) as the blue looks magnificent in sunlight. Accidents happen so the cover for the sofa is made to be easy to keep clean as it’s removable and machine washable which will save you the hassle of having someone professionally clean your sofa.

This means you can let your children (if you have any) have free reign over the sofa without having to worry that they’ll spill something that’s fantastically hard to clean up.

Assembly and Delivery

IKEA’s furniture is notoriously hard to assemble and thus I would recommend hiring an individual to do it for you. If you decide to do it yourself, all the assembly instructions will come with the sofa or are available one IKEA’s website if you prefer a digital format.

The IKEA Vimle Sofa will come as six packages which include the cover for the armrest and three-seat section and the frame for the armrest and three-seat section. The remaining two packages will contain the goodies (screws and other bits and bobs) which you will need to put the sofa together.


The IKEA Vimle Sofa measures 94 7/8” wide (or 241 cm), 38 5/8” deep (or 98cm) and you will sit 18 7/8” (or 48cm) off the floor. The deepness of the sofa makes it perfect for sitting on, and you can always adjust the width of the sofa by adding or removing a few sections.

Where to Buy

The Vimle Sofa (also known as the FINNALA sofa) is available at Ikea. With a smooth delivery process, you should check this sofa out.  By using the link below, you will help support the site at no extra cost to yourself.

Ikea Vimle Sofa
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Final Thoughts

Overall, I would recommend the IKEA Vimle Sofa to anyone looking for a sofa for their living space – its modularity and range of colors are sure to make it perfect for you.