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The Juicy Couture bed set has a stunning design and is of high quality, making it a beautiful addition to any home. You cannot go wrong with implementing this into your bedroom. There are multiple looks that you can pick from, all of which add something characteristic to your room, making it unique.

The Juicy Couture bed set includes a comforter, 3 decorative pillows and 2 shams. The 6 piece set has everything you need to make your bed go from bland to breathtaking. We will take a look at what this set can do to uplift your space and why you should invest in it.

Key Features

Comfortable Polyester

The Juicy Couture bed set is made entirely of comfortable and very soft microfiber polyester that will leave you struggling to get out of bed. Get to sleep easier with this luxurious, machine-washable fabric.

Reversible Comforter

The set includes a 104” x 90” reversible comforter, so that it will last for ages before needing a clean. This also allows you to change the design on a whim, so that you can completely alter the overall appearance whenever you want.

Pillow Shams

The set also includes 2 20” x 26” pillow shams that will uplift your bed and match with the rest of the pillows and comforter. With the various designs available in different sets, you can pick and choose from different ones if that is what you prefer.

Decorative Pillows

Lastly, the set has 3 decorative pillows, 18” x 18”, 12” x 18”, and 16” x 16”. You can rearrange and place these wherever you want for an interesting yet appealing look. They will play a huge part in making your bed look more sophisticated, but also help to make the bed your own.



The Juicy Couture bed set is made of 100% microfiber polyester, which is known for its resistance to wrinkles. As long as it is washed as per instructions and hung out to dry, you won’t have to worry about ugly creases appearing on your sheets.

They are also strong and hard to tear, meaning that they are long-lasting. They will keep their color and shape over time, so that your bed will always look glamorous.

Microfiber is also very light and breathable, so you can wrap yourself up in this set even in the warmer summer climates. This also means that they dry quickly, so you don’t have to waste time scrounging about for other bedsheets in the meanwhile.

Overall, the microfiber polyester in the Juicy Couture bed set is durable and easy to maintain. All you have to do is throw it in a cold machine wash and leave it to dry. No fuss and no headache, so you have more time to relax.

Color Choices

One of the characteristic features of this Juicy Couture bed set is the variety of fun, bright colors that will enhance your living area. From a wide choice, you can find one that represents you best, so that other people can see it as soon as they step in the room.

Hearts: This design includes a lovely print of pink hearts that fit perfectly into a dull room. The bright colors instantly catch the eye and make your bed the centre of attention.

Hyper Leopard: This playful take on a leopard print bed is a refreshing design that you will adore. The black spots with pink inside add depth and style.

Park: A more monochromatic design, it creates a rich environment that captures the heart and soul, with its darker palette.

Words: This design is very quirky and seemingly all over the place. However, as you look closer, you notice the beautiful images and patterns which ultimately draw you in.

Blair Stripe: A calmer, more neutral vibe, this design almost represents a scenic view of the sea, with light pinks to subtly add a warmer feel.

Cabana Stripe: An overall simple design that fits well into any room, due to the neutral color scheme.

Stencil: Much like Words, this design is quite busy, but ultimately draws attention and creates a lot of contrast.

Our Thoughts

The Juicy Couture bed set is an overall aesthetically pleasing set that includes a wide variety of items and their sizes. It will motivate you to customize your bedroom and make it look much nicer. Because who doesn’t want to come home to a beautiful bedroom at the end of a long, hard day? As mentioned previously, you can buy multiple sets and mix and match between the designs. This won’t be a problem due to the absurdly cheap price that it is put on for.

Not only does the Juicy Couture bed set look fantastic, but it is practical too. The many advantages of microfiber polyester allow you to have a comfortable, relaxing experience. It is long-lasting as well, meaning that you can use it for years without much wear and tear. The color stays fresh for long, and the shape is retained for an extended period of time. The maintenance is so simple, so it makes it even more enjoyable to use this as your resting place.

Where to Buy?

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Juicy Couture Bed Set
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A fun, quirky way of jazzing up your bedroom, the Juicy Couture bed set is the way to go. Add some accessories here and there and you have a stunning room with little to no effort involved. The wide variety of colors mentioned also play a huge part in why this set is so beautiful. So make sure you pick one up and try it out, because you will definitely not regret it!