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The Madison Park Dining Chair is an elegant chair that is made to be placed next to a dining table but frankly, it can be placed anywhere and look spectacular! The high quality of materials and modern design of the Madison Park Dining Chair make it the ideal choice for you.


Arms or no arms?

You may notice that the Madison Park Dining Chair does not feature the arms that we are so accustomed to seeing on dining chairs. This is because of a new trend in the furniture industry that was sparked due to new thinking regarding the usefulness of arms on dining chairs - if we really think about it, do we use the arms on our dining chairs? We (speaking for my family and I) never use the arms on the dining chairs - we were taught to eat with our elbows close to our body (never on the table!!) but never resting on the arms because that looked informal and did not present proper etiquette.

Furthermore, I've always found that the arms of the dining chair have always gotten in the way of easily climbing in or out of the chair when the dining table is in the way - with the Madison Park Dining Chair, you no longer will have to worry about that because of the armless design.

The armless design also means that you no longer have to worry about whether the arms of your chair will hit the dining table - the armless design means that you can easily tuck in the Madison Park Dining Chairs around your dining table. I am a big supporter of the armless chair design but you may not be!

Curved Back

The Madison Park Dining Chair also features a higher back compared to other dining chairs that are available on the market. This makes the Madison Park Dining Chair appropriate for those who have been blessed with height. Additionally, the Madison Park Dining Chair features a slightly curved back which allows you to maintain a good posture. We all know the importance of good posture when at the dining table, and the Madison Park Dining Chair also keeps this in mind.

Another benefit of the Madison Park Dining Chair is that the curved back allows you to focus all your attention on the person you are looking at, which allows for great conversations to occur at the dining table! I also like the way that the curved back gives the neck and shoulders a bit more support compared to traditional, straight-back chairs - this also helps with keeping posture aligned and allowing you to spend longer amounts of time sitting down.

Wooden Legs

The legs on the Madison Park Dining Chair are also a conversation starter - the back legs of the chair are slightly splayed out. This is due to a new trend that is arising in chairs which have four legs - the back two legs are slightly splayed out, making them unique from the ones that are located at the front of the chair.

This has no benefit in comfort but in my opinion, it looks better compared to all four chair legs being the same. The legs of the chair are made from solid wood; this gives users peace of mind because you can be assured that your new chair will not fall apart after a few weeks of rigorous use.

The solid wood legs also allow the Madison Park Dining Chair to have a large weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, which gives you peace of mind knowing that the chair can accommodate heavier users too.


Grey Polyester Upholstery - Perfect for Families

The grey upholstery featured on the Madison Park Dining Chair is a great color - it is a dark enough grey that it looks formal while sitting down but it is light enough to make it a conversation piece. The upholstery on the Madison Park Dining Chair is made from polyester/nylon which means that the material is extremely durable and long lasting.

This makes the Madison Park Dining Chair perfect for use with families who have children that are bound to end up spilling something on the new chairs as you can be assured that the stains can be spot cleaned off easily using a damp cloth and some water.

Furthermore, the upholstery for the Madison Park Dining Chair is stain free and odor free - this makes the dining chair perfect for use with a dining table that may be in the kitchen or in a house with an open floor plan.

The benefit of the odor free nature of the upholstery is that you will not have to worry about the chairs giving off a nasty smell after a few weeks at your dining table. The upholstery is also soft on the skin and extremely soft, which makes the Madison Park Dining Chair perfect for sitting in for long periods of time.

High-density Foam

The seat of this Madison Park Chair is made from high density foam filling - this high quality foam is usually only available in high-end, expensive dining chairs and it is frankly surprising to see such an expensive product being used in a cheaper (than high-end) chair. The benefit of the high density foam is that you can be assured that it will not deflate or lose its comfort after a few sittings - the foam is made to last a very long time and can withstand a lot of use.


The Madison Park Dining Chair measures 23.25 inches wide, 24.75 inches deep and 39 inches high in total - the deep seat of the chair makes it perfect for longer sitting periods and the high back is beneficial for longer people.

Where to Buy

The Madison Park Dining Chair is available from our favorite online retailer, Amazon - if you decide to buy this pair of chairs, I would recommend going through Amazon if you want the best delivery service and best prices available anywhere on the internet.

Madison Park Dining Chair (Set of Two)
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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Madison Park Dining Chair is perfect for those who are looking for a pair of new dining chairs to add to their dining space. Their modern design and supreme comfort make them the ideal choice to complement any dining table.