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The Novogratz Brittany sofa futon is a very stylish and chic futon, that doesn't break the bank. Unlike many other futons, this Futon doesn't shout "I'm a futon" on your first look. It somehow manages to look like an amazing sofa yet still functions like a futon. This definitely deserves praise.

In this article, I'll be covering some of the reasons you should buy this futon and some reasons why you shouldn't.

Key Points

  • Stylish
  • Doesn't break the bank
  • Modern
  • Multi-functional



This futon is upholstered with stylish linen that can be wiped clean easily. It comes with a sturdy wood frame that can ensure that this "sofa" will last. The tufted cushioned back makes for a great viewing experience but is a bit questionable when it comes to sleeping.

In addition, it incorporates polyester and a foam filling, which adds an element of elegance, comfort, and support you need.


Futon dimensions:

  • 81.5" length
  • 34.5" width
  • 31.5" height

Sleeper dimensions:

  • 70.5" length
  • 43.5" width
  • 16" height

This Novogratz Brittany sofa futon does it all! You could relax for hours on this statement piece, which would really catch a visitor's eye as many Novogratz futons do.

Color Choices

With a wide variety of colors, you can choose a unique rounded look or a traditional mid-century sofa for your home. Some of the colors include:

  • Blue Linen
  • Green Linen
  • Grey Linen
  • Mustard Linen
  • Pink Linen
  • Dark Grey Linen
  • Light Blue Linen
  • Persimmon Linen
  • Camel Faux Leather

Different variations of this Novogratz futon sofa allow you to easily style it with other elements of your home.

This is one of the widest varieties of colors that I have seen on a product. Styling shouldn't be an issue with this futon.

My Opinion on the Novogratz Brittany Futon

I was intrigued by this sofa because it is the best selling futon on Amazon, so I thought there must be a reason why everyone is loving it! Easy assembly with the help of the manual including comprehensive instructions was a great start. I am running on quite a low budget throughout the coronavirus pandemic, so I was surprised at the element of comfort available from such an affordable sofa. In addition, it has the possibility to serve as an extra bed for guests we may have round.

However, the tufted back was a rough experience for my cousin who did not feel at ease while sleeping. In conclusion, this linen futon is great value for money, and the combination of curved armrests and slanted legs creates great tranquility as a sofa. It should be noted the tufted back is not the best for sleeping upon. I would recommend trying this out in a store to see what it feels like before making the final purchase.

What do others think of this sofa futon?

It has 2379 ratings to date on Amazon with four in five people leaving a positive review, so it is not just me enjoying it! It can suit any of your individual needs as one reviewer decided to put it in their 'Airstream trailer' of all places. It can be noted that it rates 4.4 out of 5 for being suitable for small spaces, so for those of us living in apartments, this is perfect. Furthermore, people love the different color schemes available; one reviewer saying the mustard is "unique and funky" :D .

Where to Buy?

The Novogratz Brittany Sofa futon can be found on several websites. I would point you towards Amazon because it has its own returns policy, which covers you for any issues with delivery and an accessible tracking system.

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Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon
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Other Options

This sofa futon is unique in the fact that you don't necessarily need to buy this version of the futon!

It also comes in the following styles:

Clicking the links above will take you to the product types. I hope you enjoy them :)


With all Novogratz furniture, it takes between seven to ten business days for this sofa to be with you. The wait will be worth it though; with a very quick and easy assembly, you can soon sit and relax upon the Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon.


If this Brittany futon is not the one for you, it comes with a 30 day returns policy. This is with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, which is standard for all Novogratz products. They have great customer service who really do cater to your needs.


To summarize, this futon is an amazing addition to your home, because:

  • High-quality linen upholstery and foam filling for utmost comfort
  • Cheap alternative to expensive options
  • Multi-functional; can act as a bed
  • Easy assembling process with no need to buy additional tools
  • Wide range of colors available to accompany your style

You should really check this great product out for yourself!