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The POP Design hot seat heated camping chair is one of the best folding chairs available on the market today – its unique features, like the fact that it can be heated to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (or 43.3 degrees Celsius for those of us who live on this side of the pond!) using a portable USB battery, make it stand out from the others.

The POP Design heated camping chair’s range of features and innovative technology will make it the ideal addition to your camping essentials or it can serve perfectly as a chair in your backyard.

Convenient Heating Technology

Perfect for Outdoor Use

The heated camping chair features USB-powered heating technology that allows you to warm up the seat of your choice to a temperature that you may desire – the chair offers 3 heating options, with a maximum heating capacity of 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 43.3 degrees Celsius.

This makes it perfect for those of us who like to enjoy the great outdoors even when the weather may not seem perfect. The heat will gently warm up your backside (very relaxing indeed!) and penetrate your body to make you feel as if you are sitting in the comfort of your home – the heating coils are directly built into the seat of the chair and this means that minimal heat is dissipated into the surroundings.

Benefits of Heating Technology

Moreover, heat helps dilate blood vessels (open them up wider in non-scientific terms) and promotes blood flow (transporting nasty toxins away from your muscles), making the heated camping chair perfect for use after any type of strenuous activity. Furthermore, the heat keeps blood flowing which makes the heated camping chair ideal for use in any season or climate, though I would recommend taking an extra blanket if you plan to trek to the North Pole!

The nifty heating option allows you to avoid soreness or cramp in your muscles after long periods of sitting down and means that you won’t have to pack extra necessities like blankets or portable heaters as the heated camping chair can take care of that for you.

One simple push of a button allows you to make use of the heated camping chair at any beach, after sport or at a camping site. All you have to do is attach any type of USB battery pack into the USB port that is conveniently located at the side of the heated camping chair and you’re ready to go!

One drawback is that the POP design heated camping chair does not come with a battery pack included meaning that you will have to spend a bit more for a battery pack but trust me, it is worth it! A 5000 milliamp hour battery will keep the chair warm for 2.2 hours, a 7500 milliamp hour battery for 3.6, and a 15000 milliamp hour battery will keep the chair at the temperature you desire for a whopping 7 hours 15 minutes. The battery you choose can be easily slotted into a pocket built into the side of the heated camping chair, meaning that it will be safe and secure against the forces of mother nature.

How does it hold up?

High-Density Long Lasting Foam Padding

The POP design heated camping chair is built to last yet still provides astounding comfort – the high-density foam padding provides excellent comfort and back support but is extremely durable too.

Various Reclining Positions

Furthermore, the heated camping chair comes with three reclining positions, meaning you can adjust the chair to any angle you prefer – this makes it perfect to doze off on when you are tired! The process of change the angle of recline is also very easy- all you have to do is release the armrests by lifting them and slide the chair to recline and then lock it by placing the armrests to their original position. This simple process can be done in a matter of seconds and is ideal for those times when you just want to relax.

The secure armrests are also very comfortable and are quite large in size compared to other camping chairs available on the market; the benefit of this is that the armrests give your arms a nice place to rest and the angle of the arm rests ensures that you won’t suffer from back fatigue while your arms rest on them.


The heated camping chair is also very portable as it only weighs 11 lbs or 5 kg and when accompanied with the waterproof carry bag for the chair, it is very easy to move and carry.

It can also be folded using the red quick-release lock for easy opening and closing, and comes with a variety of pockets (including a zipper pocket for valuables) which provide tons of storage space.

Useful Extras

The heated camping chair also comes with a phone sleeve which is located at the side of the chair and gives you a secure place to keep your phone where it won’t be damaged.  

Additionally, the chair comes with a cup holder which is perfect for holding a hot coffee on chilly winter days or for holding a refreshing soft drink when the climate is hot.

The large back pocket allows you to put bigger things into the heated camping chair like a flashlight for instance and the double compartment located at the front of the chair allows for easy access to the things you may require more often.


Durable Polyester

The chair is made from 600PDE polyester and 15mm heavy duty steel tubing, which is durable and waterproof, making the heated camping chair useful in any kind of weather conditions.


When closed, heated camping chair is 8” wide and 37.5” tall making it easy to fit into cars. When open it is 22” wide, 33” deep and 39” tall, making it spacious enough for one person to comfortably sit on the chair.  

The chair’s maximum weight is 300 lbs or 136 kg, making it ideal for most users.

Warranty and Delivery

The cherry on the top of the pudding is that POP design offers a 2 year warranty for the heated camping chair giving you peace of mind.  The POP design camping chair can be delivered to your doorstep in a single package in days, meaning you can start planning your next adventure right now!

Where to buy

The Hot Seat chair can be found on both the POP website and Amazon. The chair isn't always in stock on the POP website, so we recommend using Amazon for their ease of use and high stock levels.

POP Design Heated Camping Chair

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Closing thoughts

Overall, the POP design heated camping chair is the ideal camping chair for a variety of things and can be used in a range of climates.

The chair’s ergonomic and durable design paired with the nifty heating feature make it the perfect choice for campers and thrill seekers alike. I would definitely recommend the POP design heated camping chair to all.