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The SHW electric computer desk is a useful household item that you can add to your study/work area. It has an adjustable height feature that will no doubt come in handy, and looks clean yet natural.

Not only can you use it for your work, but it can also be used to store items on it, like a normal desk that you can place in your bedroom. Today, we will cover all of the features and uses that the SHW electric computer desk has to offer.

Key Points

Digital Display

A digital display handset is used so that you can choose what height to keep the desk at. It comes with 4 memory preset options so that you can customize it to your needs whenever you want.

Telescopic Height Adjustment

This is implemented so that there is a smoother transition between heights, adding to the customizability.

Built-in Grommet

This is available for easy wire management, keeping your desk neat and tidy. A cable management basket is also provided underneath the table to further aid in neatening up your wires.

Screw-in Levelling Guide

A useful feature, this allows you to fix your desk in place and stabilize it once it has been fully assembled.

Spacey and Stable

Plenty of space on top for you to add your laptop, computer or any other items. Barely wobbles on carpet, and doesn’t wobble on hard floor, thanks to the levelling guide and sturdy steel legs.

Child Proof

If you need to access an item regularly, but have babies or small toddlers in the house that may damage it, simply adjust the height to a high level and keep it out of reach of children. Only do this for around the house general items that you don’t want your kids touching. For anything more important, keep it in a locked cabinet.

Posture Control

The desk’s height can be increased or decreased within the range of 28” to 46”. This means that you can use your desk while sitting or standing, depending on what makes you feel comfortable.

You can do this without having to mess around with your computer setup, simply by pressing a button. It allows you to have a good balance between different postures, so that excessive work won’t take a toll on your body.



The material of your desk depends on what type of desk you get. The classic oak is usually a go-to, but there are also cherry and walnut desks available as well. However, whether it be one or the other, all wooden desks have benefits which you can take advantage of.

Firstly, the wood is sustainable and cheap, so you can use it year after year without problem. It is also durable, so it can take the weight of your items comfortably. In fact, the SHW electric computer desk has a weight capacity of around 110lbs, which is more than enough for your daily needs.

The desk’s legs are made from high-grade industrial steel, which makes sure that, even with a lot of weight added, the desk won’t collapse on you. All in all, the desk can be considered quite sturdy, with the solid wood and steel legs for support, meaning that it will last a long time, getting you your money’s worth.


47.25” x 23.6” x 28-46” (L x W x H)

Color Choices

As previously mentioned, the material of the desk depends on what type of desk you get, meaning that the color also changes. The oak wood and light cherry are light and vibrant, so they go well in lit rooms. The cherry and walnut add dark accents, and the black is the most dominant. So pick the color that suits you and go with it.


The SHW electric computer desk can be used for many different things, even as a normal desk offers multiple uses. However, this adds a touch more class and practicality when compared to the classic counterpart.

The Perfect Computer Desk

The main use of this desk is to place a PC or laptop on, and to use it as a tool to aid in your work or study. Hence, it is suitable for both students and adults with jobs. The wire management system with the grommet and basket will make sure that your desk doesn’t look messy, so you have more space to utilize.

General Purpose Desk

The desk can also be used as a normal desk with the addition of adjusted height. Place important items on it so that they are accessible whenever you need them. Make sure to fit the desk at a height which is comfortable for you, so that you can add to your ease of access.

Where to Buy?

The SHW electric computer desk can be bought from Amazon, where you can choose your desired design and even see the desk placed in your room through Amazon’s augmented reality system in the app! Paired with the customer reviews, you can make sure that what you are buying is fit for you. Click the link below to purchase a desk for yourself.

SHW Electric Adjustable Computer Desk
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Overall, you can clearly see the benefits that the SHW electric computer desk has to offer you. The adjustable height options, wire management, variety of designs and practicality make this a useful and stylish piece of furniture to add to your designated work space. Whether you are a student, employee or full-time family member, this is the desk for you.