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The Tangkula Corner Desk is a desk made of high-quality board that is designed to fit into the corner of a room, taking up less space but providing more functionality.


Perfect as a Computer Workstation

The Tangkula Corner Desk is perfect for use as a computer workstation; the design means that you have adequate space to fit larger computers or desktops while being ensured that there is no risk of them falling off. The Tangkula Corner Desk comes with a fairly large tabletop meaning you can accommodate other things apart from a desktop on the corner desk too.

Perfect as an Ordinary Table

The Tangkula Corner Desk is designed to also be used as a normal table meaning it is perfect for those who do not want to make the desk their computer workstation. The Tangkula Corner Desk in cherry, black and pure white comes with a silent and smooth keyboard tray – this means that you won’t have to worry about the keyboard tray squeaking (and frankly becoming annoying!) after a short while.

The large space underneath the Tangkula Corner Desk means that you can stretch freely without the worry of knocking something over; the large space is particularly useful for those who work from home or spend large amounts of their day at their computer as they can easily stretch and re-calibrate while they are sitting down.

Perfect for Families

The Tangkula Corner Desk also comes with rounded corner on some of the sharper edges, taking both children and adults into consideration alike. The inclusion of the rounded corners is fantastic as it means you won’t need to think about you or your children getting hurt near your new Tangkula Corner Desk.



The Tangkula Corner Desk is designed with the thought of smaller rooms in mind – the L-shaped design means that the desk can easily slot into any of the corners around your living space and can stay there without taking up too much space. This is especially good for smaller rooms as it creates the impression of the room being larger than it really is.

Additionally, both sides of the Tangkula Corner Desk are of the same size, meaning that you can also choose to use the space on the right and left of the desk. I found this was especially useful for writing or making notes on; the fact that both sides can be utilized equally means that the Tangkula Corner Desk can accommodate up to three people writing (or doing anything else at one time!).

Open Storage Shelves

The two open shelves on either side of the desk provide perfect storage spaces (much needed in any home!); they are quite large meaning they can hold larger, taller items that would usually not look good in other places. The Tangkula Corner Desk’s shelves are also designed with the thought of traditional PC towers in mind; if you still use a PC tower, wither of the desk’s shelves can comfortably become the new spot for your PC tower to live in.


Durable Board

The Tangkula Corner Desk is made of high-quality board (as mentioned in the introduction) which ensures sturdiness and durability. Furthermore, the high-quality board means that your desk will not be the subject of corrosion or rust, giving you peace of mind. The use of high-quality board also means that the Tangkula Corner Desk will not deform easily at all, meaning larger weights (like desktops for example) can be placed on it with ease.

The surface of the desk is also skin friendly, meaning that you won’t face any irritation or agitation because of the Tangkula Corner Desk. Moreover, the Tangkula Corner Desk is mold proof which provides peace of mind that the desk can stand the test of time.


The Tangkula Corner Desk comes available in a wide range of colors including a deep black that is sure to complement any room (black just fits with anything!), a cherry color that would look better in homes with wood flooring in my opinion and also comes available in a coffee and black (perfect for a bit of contrast but works equally well to complement any living space).

The Tangkula Corner Desk also comes available in a light grey color that is sure to work perfectly in any living space (the grey paint really shines well in the natural light it does perfectly in artificial light too!) The desk is also available in a natural and white color scheme – this means that the base of the Tangkula Corner Desk is white but the tabletop comes available in a natural, woody color that I think would look wonderful in houses with brown, woody cabinets or wooden flooring. Tangkula also offers the Corner Desk in a pure white colorway.


Keyboard Tray

The Tangkula Corner Desk also comes available with a keyboard tray instead of the traditional drawer, but that option is only available in two color schemes – the black, cherry and pure white. The keyboard feature allows those who will use a desktop on the Tangkula Corner Desk to comfortably place their mouse and keyboard at an ideal height for typing, but the inclusion of the keyboard tray will mean that you may lose some valuable storage space in the form of a drawer.

The inclusion of an option for a keyboard tray for the three most popular colors is commendable but I would love to see Tangkula allowing the options on their other color schemes too.

Assembly and Dimensions

The Tangkula Corner Desk is also extremely easy to assemble due to the clear, detailed instructions that Tangkula provides in the delivery package. Additionally, the Tangkula Corner Desk comes delivered with all the necessary fittings and tool to put it together, meaning you won’t have to fork out extra cash buying parts or tools.

The Tangkula Corner Desk measures 47.5 inches wide from end to end and 24 inches in length(tabletop). You can find more detailed dimensions in the image below.

Tangkula Corner Desk Dimensions
Tangkula Corner Desk Dimensions

Where to Buy

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Overall, I would most definitely recommend the Tangkula Corner Desk to anyone looking for a desk to fit into their living space as its trendy yet functional design paired with the plethora of colors make it the perfect choice for any style of room, may it be in a studio, home, apartment or office space.