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The Zinus Lottie bed frame has several fantastic features that make this a must-have in your bedroom. This comfortable, stylishly upholstered furniture will give you plenty of space to perform your daily activities, and will be a superb investment on your part, as you spend around ⅓ of your life sleeping!

It is available in a multitude of styles, colors, and sizes, so picking the right one for you will be a breeze. Perfect for families and single use, it is well-rounded in terms of its features, and provides an all-in-one solution. It is an undeniable bargain, so make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

Key Features


The bed frame consists of luxuriously woven fabric upholstery, with foam padding and a sturdy steel framework to carry all your burdens.

Modern Design

The square tufted design fits beautifully into any bedroom, instantly enhancing your surroundings.

Short Headboard

With the short headboard option, the bed frame is small enough to fit pretty much anywhere you want it to, without fear of low ceilings or smaller spaces

Wood Slat Support

The durable wood slats support your mattress of choice to increase longevity and keep you comfy for longer.

Easy Assembly

Everything fits perfectly into an all-in-one box, where it is shipped directly to you with no hassle or fiddly bits. Two people can easily assemble the bed frame in under an hour.

USB Ports

Sick and tired of having to constantly adjust your chargers? That problem is solved with the USB ports option, where two ports are built directly into the headboard so that your devices can stay charged and easily accessible at all times.



The bed frame is made from woven fabric upholstery, regardless of which option you choose. This is great for you, as it provides comfort whatever the weather. It offers both warmth and coziness that work together to give you the best experience possible.

Fabric upholstery is also extraordinarily easy to clean and maintain, which keeps the bed frame in tip-top condition for as long as possible. It also allows for a practically unlimited range of textures, colors, and patterns while remaining a relatively cheap material.

The interior framework of the Zinus Lottie bed frame consists of steel, which gives this bed a sturdiness that you can rely on. The twin size supports a weight of 350lbs, while the other sizes offer a weight capacity of up to 700lbs! You can build a relationship that lasts with the Zinus bed, and know that it will catch you when you fall.



Twin: 79.2” x 41” x 40.39”

Full: 79.2” x 56.7” x 43.1”

Queen: 84.2” x 62.8” x 43.1”

King: 84.2” x 78.7” x 42.3”

Short headboard:

Twin: 78.6” x 41” x 35”

Full: 78.6” x 56.7” x 35”

Queen: 83.7” x 62.8” x 35”

King: 83.7” x 78.7” x 35”

Color Choices

There are three simple color options: beige, grey, and blue slate. The beige gives off a light, airy vibe while the alternatively darker grey gives off a more solid, present appearance while maintaining a neutral tone. The blue gives off a cool and refreshing feel. So, no matter what your taste, the color choices are bound to please.


Comfortable Bed

Its main use is for you to relax and cuddle in its warmth and coziness. You can easily get a good night’s rest in this because it is so comfortable and, depending on the size, will fit you perfectly. It is perfect not only for adults but children as well, as the twin size caters for those small kids that are learning to sleep on their own.

Beautiful Decor

Not only is it practical, but it is stylish as well, meaning that you can display it proudly in your bedroom, or keep it in a spare guest room that you’ve been thinking about redecorating. It not only gives the wow factor when guests arrive, but it gives you your own satisfaction of having a neat and classy room.

Safe Space

When you come back from a long day of work, you want to put your feet up and get comfortable. This bed allows you to have a very relaxing space at home that is all yours: no children allowed! Whether you watch Netflix or read a book, this bed gives you the perfect setting to do so.

Storage Space

You can use the space beneath the bed as a storage space for you to hide away any important items that you don’t want tampered with. It creates a beautifully neat solution for your storage problems and effectively utilizes your room to its full capacity.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the Zinus Lottie bed frame off of Amazon, which has the advantage of a 5 year stress-free warranty as the cherry on top. This will give you ease of mind as to which options and sizes are best for you.

All of this, along with trusted reviews and secure delivery, makes this the best way to have your bed delivered. Click the link below to order yours today.

Zinus Lottie Bed Frame
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The Zinus Lottie bed frame is a great way to relax in any condition, and it offers many benefits to you. As we all know, especially while living with a family, charging devices is a big issue and this bed offers the perfect solution.

It also comes in a huge variety of styles and sizes, so you can customize according to your needs if you are living alone, with a family, with one other person, or are a student in need of a good quality bed. Make sure to check it out and see what it can offer you.