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At first glance, the Zinus Mikhail sofa seems to be all about drama and excitement, with its deep red hue standing out in whichever room it is placed in. You could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all bark and no bite, but this is not the case.

With the expertise and knowledge of a world leader in home furnishings, the Zinus Mikhail sofa has a lot to live up to. Let’s see how it fares in the real world.

Key Points

Vibrant red for a vibrant household

This eye-catching color is sure to turn heads. Although it is a more unconventional color, the daring and risqué nature of the red is a beautiful addition to any living space.

Easy assembly, easy living

With only 20 minutes needed to build this sofa (and only four instructions!), the Mikhail is ideal for busy families or young professionals.

Durable and Long-lasting

Unlike its bold color scheme, the frame of the Zinus Mikhail sofa is long-lasting and sturdy. It won’t make funny sounds when you sit on it, neither will it break down on you. All in all, it’s the height of reliability, as expected from a reputed brand like Zinus.



The upholstered cushions of this couch stand out, with a bold grid-pattern design on the back, and a simple weave for the base. Although the grid patterning is such a common design, it is rarely paired with the plainness of the weaved base cushion, thus adding an extra layer to the couch and consequently an extra layer to the room overall.

The fabric type is made with 100% polyester. By keeping a consistent fabric throughout, Zinus has ensured the highest levels of quality are maintained in the Zinus Mikhail sofa; you’re never going to get a sub-par experience from this particular brand. The foam is supply yet firm enough to support your body, giving you a better posture. It’s also just the right softness to keep you calm and relaxed, but still productive and motivated. This means you can use it whilst working, making it the perfect multi-use sofa there is.

The Zinus Mikhail sofa isn’t all flash though, it can be a durable beast too. The frame is connected from the highest quality of wood, and put together in such a way that it can last for years. It’s also light and maneuverable, a rare quality among the modern-day sofas, most of which are large and cumbersome.


The full sized sofa has the dimensions of 76.4 x 30.7 x 33.9 inches

Whilst the loveseat edition has the dimensions of 52.76 x 30.71 x 33.86 inches

It’s easy to get alarmed at the drastic differences between the sizes, but you have to take into account that each offering is geared towards a different purpose, discussed below.

What is a loveseat?

When you Google the word “loveseat”, you get a stock definition to do with the practicalities of the type. However, a good loveseat is so much more than a smaller sofa. There is a certain intimacy achieved by a loveseat. This intimacy is exacerbated by the vibrant red color. Whether you want to cuddle together and watch Netflix, or just simply have a sit-down, the loveseat has you covered.

Zinus Mikhail Loveseat
Zinus Mikhail Loveseat


One of the most important things about a couch is how it looks in your living room. Some sofas blend in, whilst others stand out. The Zinus Mikhail sofa, however, does more than stand out. It grabs your attention and doesn’t let go, the maroon red perfectly encapsulating the mid-century theme of the sofa.

The Ruby Red Weave is spicy and mesmerizing, reminiscent of the intense emotions of youth. It is sure to trigger a trip down memory lane, to passionate nights and wild parties. Although the design and shape are mid-century, the color is a modern-day 21st-century offering, giving you the best of both eras.


To the modern customer, long and arduous assembly times are simply a no-go. Every sofa HAS to be ready from the word go, and luckily, the team at Zinus knows this. That’s why they’ve made sure to shorten the assembly times as much as possible. Here are the four simple steps that stand before you and comfort:

  1. Take everything out of the box and remove the backrest from its position.
  2. Next, slot the backrest into place. This should be easy, there should be a click.
  3. Attach the back cushions to the backrest.
  4. Enjoy!

With a 20 minute assembly, the Zinus Mikhail sofa boasts one of the fastest assembly times out there, making it perfect for the busier individual.

Personal Opinion

For me, the color is by far the best, most attractive element of the entire couch. The commanding design is balanced with the more playful attitude of the Ruby Red Weave, and it’s all topped off with the marvelous grid-patterned cushion. The patterning is sublime and helps you to relax even more, which at the end of the day is the whole point of a sofa.

The Zinus Mikhail sofa deserves a prominent, central position in your home. That’s why the living room is best for it. It acts as the center of attention, all eyes are always on it, all the time. This sofa isn’t afraid to show off, and you shouldn’t be afraid to show it off either.

The Zinus Mikhail sofa certainly ticks the ‘Looks’ box, but what’s less obvious is its incredible durability and strength. It has both bark and bite, making it brilliant for heavy use. This is a sofa that grows old with you.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy the Zinus Mikhail sofa would be via Amazon. The customer is offered the best of service by both Zinus and Amazon, ensuring a fuss-free purchase.

Should you want to return your sofa (not that you’d want to), you can tap into Amazon’s vast array of return locations, meaning you will never be inconvenienced. By using the link below, you will help support the site at no extra cost to yourself.

Zinus Mikhail Sofa
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The Zinus Mikhail sofa is not a couch that takes it easy. It turns heads, raises eyebrows and puts smiles on faces. It will forever keep you on your toes, even as you sink into its deep cushions and feel the tension leaving your muscles.