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The Zinus Shalini Upholstered Daybed is an incredible daybed from an already reputable company with a long history of bestselling items. It seems perfect with its built-in USB ports and a timeless color scheme, but what exactly is it about the daybed that has led to its exceptional ratings? Is it how cheap it is, or maybe it’s the versatility of it all? Let’s find out!

Key Points

USB Ports

No matter what, Zinus have performed outstandingly when it comes to your convenience. The USB ports are accessible, easy to use, and best of all, they come built into the armrest. Suitable for anyone who likes to put their feet up as they relax upon their sofa.


From couch to catnap, this daybed does it all. It’s spacious (more on that later), and has plenty of room to unwind and relax. It’s not just a functional item either, it can fit into any room’s theme with a versatile set of colors.

Perfect for Families

With such a great warranty and simple assembly instructions, this daybed is perfect for busy families who want to rest at the end of a long day.

Perfect for bachelors and students on a budget

It’s affordable, it’s chic and modern, it can serve many purposes. It’s everything a young, working professional needs and wants out of a bed. There’s no excuse not to get one!



Tufted Headboard
Tufted Headboard

With woven fabric and diamond-patterned upholstery, this daybed offers a high-quality design and feel, at a low price.  When paired with the cozy foam padding, it truly is bliss when you sink into it after a long day. Additionally, it’s ultra-quiet due to its sturdy frame and durable wooden structure, making it perfect for many activities. The combination of the robustness of the frame and the elegance of the ‘cushy’ design makes the Zinus Shalini Upholstered Daybed a refined and sophisticated option, whilst still maintaining a homely feel.


  • 80.8 x 39.8 x 33.7 inches
  • 205.232 x 101.092 x 85.598 centimetres

Color Choices

Of course, a dark grey isn’t everyone’s first choice. Not to worry though, the Zinus Shalini Daybed provides a variety of hues to choose from, covering all the traditional colors to give your space a neater look. All three shades are timeless, so you can enjoy your brand-new Daybed for years to come, and it’ll still look brand new.

  • Beige - keep it lighthearted and playful with an earthy tone or switch up a darker color scheme with a splash of color. It’s easy to clean too, meaning you can munch away on your sofa, without a care in the world. Just give it a quick wipe afterward.
  • Dark gray - dark and brooding, perfect for giving your room a serious atmosphere. Like the beige, a simple wipe will get rid of any stains or crumbs.
  • Sage gray - the understated classic. Often overlooked, it strikes a balance between the beige and the dark grey, suitable for a more neutral palette.

Where to buy?

We recommended buying directly from Amazon, mainly due to the no-fuss returns policy that has. Amazon also provides order tracking, so you have peace of mind knowing where your brand new daybed is and exactly when it will arrive.

Also, Amazon has a team of professionals on call to help you with any queries about your order, should there be an issue.

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Zinus Shalini Upholstered Daybed
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Personal Opinion

It’s all well and good on paper, but what is it like in reality? For me, I think there’s no better option for the casual sitter or the busy family. It’s easy to assemble, looks great, has USB ports for the ultimate convenience.

The Zinus Shalini Upholstered Daybed certainly ticks all the boxes. Don’t take my word for it though, over 31,000 people have given it an average of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon, one of the most well-rated daybeds available for purchase!


The Zinus Shalini Daybed comes with a 5-year warranty. That’s right, 5 whole years.  This makes it perfect for families, as any wear and tear made by your beloved children will be covered by Zinus themselves. Of course, if there is a missing piece, or if the Daybed isn’t up to your standard (this is unlikely though!), you can always return it within 30 days.

Delivery and assembly time

Your order will usually take about 3-5 business days, some customers even received it in two! And assembly is no issue, Zinus pride themselves on quick assembly times.

Their faithful customers testify to this, with the entire bed taking “20 minutes” to “an hour” to put together. These times are “worlds away” from other daybeds available, so you can enjoy the product itself, and not worry about missing nuts and bolts.


All things considered; the Zinus Shalini Upholstered Daybed is surely a brilliant addition to a room. Not only does it provide a superior sense of comfort and allows the owner to relax and unwind, but it also makes a marvelous centerpiece, really holding the rest of the room together.

It’s supremely convenient with its USB ports in the armrest, and also can transform a room from a dull space to a vibrant hub of activity. Most importantly, it doesn’t break the bank.